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Know your Purpose. Love your People. Share your Profit.™

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma


LynGin is a small private equity group that invests in proven business models across a wide range of diverse markets and in many cases will serve as a consulting and management partner as well. We are actively seeking investments in early stage companies that have completed their proof of concept stage, generated early revenues and have solid management teams in place.

We have first-hand experience launching, financing, and growing companies and product/service lines. And a combined 20 year history of developing strategic business plans, conducting the market research necessary to validate those plans and building financial models that attract investors, secure financing, and support steady growth.

Investments include or have included: banking, restaurants, e-commerce, publishing, construction, commercial real estate, residential real estate, car washes, service based franchising, product licensing; multi-level marketing companies, wine brokerage and distribution, EB5 Regional Centers; financial services, compliance verification services and background screening services. Previous companies sold include companies in wireless communications, publishing, salon facilities, commercial and residential security, credit card processing.

We bring extensive entrepreneurial experience that comes with a deeply ingrained philosophy of practicality, innovation and (un)common sense. We have an innate ability to grasp the key strategic issues that growing companies face and the experience and know-how to address them. We thrive on finding or creating value where it has been overlooked or needs to be developed, so the business can go farther and grow faster with a laser focus on what it takes to make them profitable. Our ability to see, define and clearly communicate the ‘big picture’ while maintaining awareness of the challenges and threats that could stand in opposition to it’s objectives is one of our most valuable gifts.

We genuinely believe that dollars are easy to come by and relationships are not. And because we value our relationships above all else, we take a people first approach to everything from problem solving to profit sharing.

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